Active Release Technique

A.R.T. is a cutting edge, soft tissue therapy designed to rid injured areas of scar tissue and/or adhesions that our body builds up over...

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Kinesiology Taping

Kinesio Taping, the newest and most advanced form of taping has been shown to have amazing results with athletes and chronic...

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Vitamin & Suplements

Chronic inflammation (the result of allergies, irritants, and toxins) housed in our bodies is being recognized more and more in today’s...

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At GOLD Chiropractic & Rehab, we focus on educating our patients about their specific conditions and supplying them with exercise...

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Why Choose GOLD Chiropractic & Rehab?

At GOLD Chiropractic & Rehab, we believe patients deserve access to the highest level of dynamic care.  That is why we have gone beyond conventional chiropractic training in order to provide patients with the GOLD Standard of holistic healthcare for a complete treatment package.  GOLD Chiropractic & Rehab offers a unique combination of the most modern, evidence-based therapies and recommendations to meet the patient’s individual needs for effective, long lasting results.  Our mission is to help our patients maximize their health as well as their performance.  The ‘GOLD Standard’ of care available to every patient consists of chiropractic adjustments, a variety of soft tissue therapies and rehabilitative exercises, functional and kinesiology taping, as well as lifestyle and nutritional consultation.  GOLD Chiropractic & Rehab’s greatest reward is returning patients to their active lifestyles in the shortest time frame possible, by guiding them on the journey to their optimal performance and wellness potential.

Why Choose Chiropractic Manual Therapy?

Although there are many tactics for treating musculoskeletal pain, chiropractic and soft-tissue manual therapy techniques rank among the most effective forms of treatment available.  Chiropractic and Soft-tissue Manual Therapy care takes a conservative, non- invasive approach to treating the neuromusculoskeletal system which consists of muscles, joints, and the nerves that supply those structures.  Using manual therapies, chiropractic care stimulates the neuromusculoskeletal system to properly heal and maintain itself so the body is able to function normally and meet the demands of ever day life without discomfort.  Conservatively speaking, chiropractic care can be appreciably more cost- effective than some standard medical care, prescriptions, and surgery.  While these more invasive medical protocols may not be avoidable in every circumstance, chiropractic care may be an appropriate 1st choice in controlling or alleviating your discomfort before considering the need for more invasive methods of care.

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