Conditions Commonly Treated

*This list is a summary of common conditions we treat, thus there are many other problems that Manual Therapy may help.  If you do not find your complaint listed here, don’t hesitate to ask your Doctor if Chiropractic and Manual Therapy is the answer to relieve your pain.


Spine Related Conditions:                    Headaches:

-Neck Pain                                                 -Often caused by referral pain from
-Headache                                                    tight/restricted joints & muscles.
-Disc Pain/Problems                                  -Current Nutrition habits may need to be
-Mid Back Pain                                              addressed in conjunction with Manual
-Low Back Pain                                             Therapy Treatment.
Nerve Entrapments:                               TMJ/ Jaw Discomfort: 
~Described as numbness or                     ~Research shows that 1/3 of people with
    tingling discomfort                                       neck/shoulder pain have TMJ issues.
-Burning/Electric Pain                                -Clinching
-Carpal Tunnel                                           -Grinding teeth at night
-Arm or Hand Numbness                           -Pain associated with Fibromyalgia and
-Thigh Numbness                                           other pain syndromes.

Athletic Injuries:                                       Pregnancy Related Pain:
-Shoulder Pain                                            -Round Ligament (of the uterus) Pain
-Elbow Pain (tennis & golfer’s                     -Pelvic Pain
    elbow, etc.)                                             -Groin Pain
-Muscle Strains (hamstring, quad,              -Low Back Pain
    calf, groin, etc.)                                       -Rehab exercises to strengthen and maintain
-Knee Pain (runner’s & jumper’s                   core & hip strength may need to be addressed
    knee, post surgery pain, etc.)                    in conjunction with Manual Therapy Treatment.
-IT Band Problems
-Hip Pain
-Ankle Sprains
-Plantar Fascitis or Turf Toe