Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy and for children?

  • Certainly!  Chiropractic care can help diminish the pains an expectant mother may be experiencing as her body changes to accommodate the birthing process.  A woman’s body undergoes many hormonal changes and biomechanical alterations to the joints and soft tissues throughout pregnancy.  Chiropractic soft tissue work and strengthening rehab exercises are key to providing symptom relief for the mother; especially since many medications are not allowed during pregnancy.  Dr. Holland is trained to accommodate expectant mother’s needs and will work as a team with your OB/GYN to provide safe, natural alternatives to help alleviate the pain.  And it is certainly safe for the baby!
  • Furthermore, gentle chiropractic techniques for children/infants have often times been effective in treating colic, earaches, and discomforts they may be experiencing from the birthing process that may make it harder for nursing, and more.  Although we do not claim to treat them directly; the primary goal of chiropractic is to restore joint and soft tissue function which enhances the body’s immune and nervous system.  Children usually react more quickly and require fewer treatments.