Why do chiropractors adjust joints?

  • Chiropractic adjustments restore motion to a joint that is stiff or restricted, to normalize its intended function. The “pop” you hear is simply air being released from within the joint, and is not of much importance in understanding what an adjustment truly means.  Medical textbooks will tell you that decreased motion in a joint leads to poor joint health and arthritis. Restoring motion to restricted joints enhances the overall joint health, increases blood and nutrient flow to that region, inhibits muscle spasm, reduces inflammation, and suppresses pain.
  •   On the same token, if a joint is not restricted Dr. Holland will not adjust it.  In some cases, our joints may move too much in some areas and require stability-protocol treatments and strengthening exercises instead of an adjustment.  There is a misconception that Chiropractic care means “rack ‘em, crack ‘em, & pops”- slang for an adjustment.  But depending on your Doctor’s specialties, Chiropractic Manual Therapy also encompasses muscle & soft-tissue treatment, daily living & sports injury prevention education, rehabilitation exercises, & lifestyle and nutritional consultation.
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